Coltons 1st epic blog :0

I like six grade because you get way more freedom and you don’t have to stand a line to every where you go and you go to different classes every other day and not every class you go too is the same as every one else. I also love cross country and the sports are better then lower school! Over all 7.5/10!


4 thoughts on “Coltons 1st epic blog :0

  1. Hi Colton,
    It’s great to see your 1st epic blog post! Sixth grade definitely has good variety in teachers, classes, and schedules. Nothing same-o, same-o! And you run cross-country? I didn’t know! I’m glad you included that info here!

    See you soon in Media Lab!
    Mrs. Peterson

  2. Hi Colton this is Brett!
    Yes, so true that you have more freedom. I really didn’t like standing in line like that and being constantly reminded to stay in line! I don’t play a sport here, but I really like the team spirit at POPCS to.

  3. Hi Colton. This is Augustus and I like cross country too and like you said I love that we get the freedom to walk to our classes and don’t have to get in a line. But Colton i have to know what is your favorite thing to do here at School??

    1. Hi Gus! I would have to say my favorite thing here is the sports or all the freedum and the amazing teachers! Now I have to ask Gus, what is YOUR favorite thing at POPCS?

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