Timed. 100wc 16 – Jan 10 2022

It was 2018, a guy, just sitting in his home, but then he heard a loud thud up in the attic, so he went to check it out. A box had fallen, but there was a portal there. He went into portal, colors swirled around him, he was extremely dizzy. He landed in a city. He looked around him, then saw he was in 2020, he then blinked and he was in the exact same place, but he saw that no one was there, “Where is everyone?”  “Its’s not like last year” he thought. He didn’t know why no one was there.



One thought on “Timed. 100wc 16 – Jan 10 2022

  1. Hi, Colton. I really love this story because of all the funny plot twists from when a random box had fallen from the sky to random portal 🙂

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