Respond letter.

Hi Jimmie I’m Colton. Thanks for telling us about your school. Our grade has about 30 kids total. Some kids are pretty funny but they can get annoying sometimes. Baseball season is starting and I’m doing tryouts even though I’m pretty trash at baseball. I am also from Texas.

Quick quiz, which state is the best? 1) Texas 2) Texas 3)Texas 4) Texas. If you answered Texas you are correct! Our school mascot is an eagle. What’s your school mascot? Our school used to be a car dealership. That’s why there are garage doors everywhere. Downtown zoo is about 30 mins away from the school.

Some fun facts about me is I’m a boy with long hair, and I am very bad at spelling. Like when I was typing this the computer had to tell me how to spell it like 30 times. I also love video games and i play on a computer and a Xbox.

Thanks for reading!


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