Book club week 3 and 4

2.I think the main charter responds frightened and scared 😱. 3.‘if your being bullied with words do to fight back they want you to be mad. If it is physically tell a teacher and if you HAVE to fight back. 1.They are feeling hopeful because she knows the giant wont eat her.

Camp: Last blog

We went to a comp called camp renegade and it was really fun. So, I will be telling what I did there. When we got there we set up where we where going to sleep on the bunk beds, then we went to the skate park but since we didn’t have skate boards we just Read More…

Book club w 5 and 6

1-I think she is brave because she did all of that for the giant. 2-in the next 10 years I really want to be a pilot or a pilot in the Air Force. 3-4 star. The book was good just a bit slow.

Book club week 2 questions

1-The friend ship was unexpected because I thought the bfg was going to eat her. 2-what brought the friendship together was the giant talking to her and her being captured. 3-I think the girl and giant will be better friends 4-there is this girl that I’m friends with and I didn’t expect it to work Read More…