Camp: Last blog

We went to a comp called camp renegade and it was really fun. So, I will be telling what I did there. When we got there we set up where we where going to sleep on the bunk beds, then we went to the skate park but since we didn’t have skate boards we just Read More…

Book club w 5 and 6

1-I think she is brave because she did all of that for the giant. 2-in the next 10 years I really want to be a pilot or a pilot in the Air Force. 3-4 star. The book was good just a bit slow.

Week2 book club BGG

1- The friend ship was unexpected because the BFG kept talking about eating humans and human flavors. 2-The thing that bought the friends together was because the girls saw the giant so the giant took her to his house. 3-Have you ever had a friendship that was toxic?

Questions for media lab

1. My first impressions are its pretty cool but scary. I feel un-easy reading this. I connect with this story because sometimes I cant go back asleep.   2.I have met the little girl and a big monster. The bfg and the girl really don’t have a relation ship yet. The bfg is the monster. Read More…

And the winner is… 100wc `19

BOOM! The gun was shot. All the racers where off, 2 miles to go. In the first 30 seconds all the racers were put into there catogories from fast in the front to the slow people in the back. I was in the front, keeping the other people from passing me because the fast people Read More…

Coltons 1st epic blog :0

I like six grade because you get way more freedom and you don’t have to stand a line to every where you go and you go to different classes every other day and not every class you go too is the same as every one else. I also love cross country and the sports are Read More…

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